5 Incredible Facts About Ultrasound Technology

Ultrasound Technology by Movel Medical Aesthetics

Ultrasound technology, traditionally seen in medical diagnostics, has found a groundbreaking role in facial and medical aesthetics. With the introduction of the Clarius L20, a revolutionary handheld ultrasound device, practitioners in aesthetics are experiencing a paradigm shift. This compact yet powerful tool is redefining precision and efficacy in treatments, offering a new level of detail and accuracy in skin and tissue analysis. Here are five facts about our ultrasound technology:

1.) Unmatched Portability and Convenience

The Clarius L20 brings a notable shift in how ultrasound technology is utilized in facial and medical aesthetics, primarily through its portability and convenience. This handheld device simplifies what was once a cumbersome process, requiring large, stationary equipment. Now, practitioners can enjoy the freedom of carrying a powerful ultrasound tool right in their pocket.

This leap in portability means that the Clarius L20 can be easily transported and used across different treatment rooms or locations, offering flexibility previously unthinkable in the realm of aesthetic ultrasound imaging. It’s not just about being small and lightweight; it’s about the freedom it gives practitioners to provide services without the constraints of traditional, bulky ultrasound machines.

The convenience of the Clarius L20 is further enhanced by its seamless integration with modern smart devices. It connects wirelessly to smartphones and tablets, transforming these everyday gadgets into sophisticated imaging screens. This integration simplifies the workflow significantly. Practitioners can view, analyze, and store high-resolution images directly on their devices, leveraging cloud storage for easy data management.

2.) Advanced Imaging Capabilities

Clarius L20’s imaging prowess is its ultra-high frequency range, spanning from 8 to 20 MHz. This range is particularly suited for superficial applications, a common requirement in aesthetic treatments. High-frequency ultrasound waves produce images with exceptional resolution, crucial for visualizing fine structures in the skin and subcutaneous tissues. Such detailed imaging is invaluable for practitioners needing to assess and plan treatments precisely.

Furthermore, the device’s ability to image up to 4 cm in depth offers versatility, allowing for a comprehensive view of the skin’s structure and any underlying issues. This depth capability, combined with high-resolution imaging, ensures that practitioners have a clear picture of the treatment area, whether they’re evaluating skin texture, planning an injection, or assessing the results of a procedure.

3.) Innovative Features and User-Friendly Interface

The innovation in the Clarius L20 is evident in its integration of advanced technologies that simplify complex processes. For example, the device leverages artificial intelligence to optimize imaging parameters automatically, tailoring the ultrasound based on the specific application. This means that whether a practitioner evaluates skin layers or guides a needle for a precise procedure, the device adjusts its settings to provide the clearest possible image. This AI-driven feature ensures high-quality results consistently, reducing the need for manual adjustments and allowing the practitioner to concentrate more on the patient.

Another key innovative feature is the device’s compatibility with iOS and Android apps. This integration effectively transforms a practitioner’s smartphone or tablet into a high-resolution ultrasound display. Such a feature taps into the familiarity and ubiquity of smart devices, making the Clarius L20 more approachable and easy to integrate into daily practice. The wireless connectivity adds to this convenience, eliminating the need for cumbersome cords and cables and enhancing mobility and flexibility in various clinical settings.

Likewise, it is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, significantly reducing the learning curve often associated with ultrasound technology. 

4.) Impact On Your Aesthetic Treatment Results

One of the primary impacts of using the Clarius L20 is its heightened detail level. Its high-frequency imaging allows practitioners to view the skin and underlying tissues with exceptional clarity. This level of detail is crucial for planning and executing aesthetic procedures with precision. For instance, when administering injectables, the ability to clearly see the layers of the skin and the position of blood vessels can significantly reduce the risk of complications and improve the overall results.

Additionally, the Clarius L20’s real-time imaging capability allows for immediate assessment and adjustments during procedures. This instant feedback is invaluable in treatments where the margin for error is minimal, ensuring the desired aesthetic outcome is achieved with greater accuracy.

Moreover, the Clarius L20 enhances patient consultation and planning phases. Providing precise and detailed images helps set realistic expectations and formulate tailored treatment plans. Patients can be shown what is happening beneath their skin, making them more informed and involved in their treatment process. This transparency builds trust and contributes to higher patient satisfaction with the treatment outcomes.

5.) Patient Safety and Comfort

Safety is always a top priority, and the Clarius L20 enhances this through its precise imaging capabilities. It allows practitioners to conduct treatments with a greater awareness of the underlying structures, thus reducing the risk of accidental damage to critical tissues. The precision directly translates to safer procedures.

The Clarius L20 also contributes significantly to patient comfort. Its non-invasive nature is a key factor here, as it eliminates the discomfort associated with more invasive diagnostic techniques. Patients undergoing treatments that use the Clarius L20 can expect a more comfortable experience with minimal physical intrusion. This is especially important in aesthetic treatments, where the ease and comfort of the procedure can greatly influence a patient’s overall satisfaction.

Additionally, the user-friendly design of the Clarius L20 ensures that procedures are conducted smoothly and efficiently, which can reduce the duration of treatments and, in turn, the discomfort associated with longer procedures. 


Are you ready to experience the next level of precision and comfort in medical aesthetics? At Movel Medical Aesthetics, our team proudly incorporates the revolutionary Clarius L20 ultrasound technology into our treatments. This innovative device allows us to enhance the accuracy and safety of our procedures, ensuring you receive the best care possible.

Take advantage of the opportunity to benefit from the advanced capabilities of the Clarius L20 in your aesthetic journey. Whether you’re considering a new treatment or looking to enhance your existing regimen, Movel Medical Aesthetics provides state-of-the-art care. Contact us today to schedule your assessment

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